Multisensor apparatus for 3D measurement

 Industry 4.0 has imposed a great demand on in-situ and/or inprocess production measurement in manufacturing environments.

This portable multisensor apparatus provides a novel solution which makes use of a wide range of motion axes of machine tools and a motion sensor to assist the position estimation of laser scanners to perform holistic surface scanning and reconstruction without the need to interface with and assess the coordinate information of the motion axes of machine tools.

This innovative concept makes the apparatus portable for different types of machine tools which provide a wide range of potential industrial applications.

Special Features and Advantages
• This portable multisensory apparatus consists of a motion sensor and a laser scanner to perform holistic surface scanning
• In-situ HDR 3D measurement with a large measurement range and a high resolution becomes feasible without the need to interface with the motion control system of machine tools

• Portable apparatus for in-situ 3D measurement on various machine tools, e.g. CNC machine tools, 3D printers, etc.
• In-process metrology for workpieces not amenable for offline measurement
• Robotic arms for production automation
• Automatic inspection on production lines
• Multi-sensor measurement probes for Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM)



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